Welcome to Mana Ministries!

Mana is a ministry in the heart of Milwaukee, WI, established in 2003. We are an organization led by volunteers with a passion for reaching all. We strive to build a multiethnic, multigenerational, and multilingual approach to sharing the gospel. We are a ministry committed to serving and meeting people where they are.


We exist to highlight God with every expression and interaction.


Our heart is in creating a church that fosters an encounter with Christ and nurturing a healthy relationship with Him that promotes community and service. We are intentional about revealing God in an accessible way to those who don’t know Him.

5 Purposes
  1. BELONG. The church was designed to be a place of Community.
  2. BELIEVE. Promoting a lifestyle of faith.
  3. SERVE. Following Jesus’ example in how He served others.
  4. GROW. Developing through practical teaching, volunteering, and through connecting with small groups.
  5. GO. To share your story and God’s story with those who don't know, not simply in words but with actions.