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Prayer is accessible anywhere and anytime. It doesn't cost us anything, but a moment! So many in this world rely on our moments of talking to God. Not only talking but our ability to listen to God. That is probably the most challenging part about prayer is the ability to silence our thoughts and listen. These next 30 days, we are joining together to not only talk to God but to listen. What unforeseen conversations will we have with him in this season? What will he say to you?

We encourage you to capture what He is saying through journaling or note-taking. I don't know about you, but when I am meeting with someone important, I come ready to actively listen and take notes because I do not want to miss what is being said; instructions, feedback, next steps, etc. 

Will you listen to God these next 30 days, just as much as you will talk to him? Join me in prayer and listening!

See event page for prayer outline.