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Mana family! Please know that Mana Is Still Staying Home! We are aware of the president's directive to governors about reinstating the in-person gathering of churches in the United States of America. However, it is our responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible while gathering in person.

With the stay at home order being overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, we would like to inform all of our friends and family that Mana Ministries AG's doors will remain closed for physical attendance as we are following the City of Milwaukee guidelines. Our city has been impacted greatly by COVID-19, the number of positive cases continues to rise.

Our greatest priority is keeping those who attend our face to face services safe and healthy from exposure while gathering.

We are working on a reopening contingency plan for when city leaders deem that it is safe to do so and determine the guidelines for gatherings at places of worship. We will share that with all of you and soon as it is finalized.