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We find ourselves in a season where we can choose to succumb to the pressures of a pandemic that without a doubt has impacted us all. Whether you yourself or a loved one has been touched by COVID-19 or you've been impacted by the schools closing, learning online or teaching at home, fluctuating incomes, social distancing; all of these are changing our lives forever. 

When Jesus came to the earth there was a shift. A revival of a sort, when he began walking it and performing miracles we experienced another spiritual awakening. When he was tried and crucified, hearts were unsettled, even in Pontious Pilot. So many after seeing and hearing about his signs and wonders were not sure what to believe. But it wasn't until the resurrected that those who doubted and believed were awakened and affirmed his identity of the Son of God who rose in power. 

In these trying times will we allow Jesus to remain alive in us? Will we stay revived in him? Do we dare to find comfort in him, like he dying on a cross found comfort in his father? 

Let your faith sustain you and if God wills it, let your faith sustain others! 

We are in this together and definitely not alone! '


Christy W